GoSource Appraisers Office Management Solution

The GoSource Appraiser Office Management Solution is your one-stop solution for efficiently managing your appraisal business. From attracting new orders to handling every aspect of operations, our platform simplifies order management, optimizes scheduling, and ensures compliance, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional appraisal services to your clients.

Services By Our Ops Experts

Unlock the full potential of your appraisal business with our Ops Experts at GoSource. From generating a consistent influx of new orders to offering customized virtual assistant services, we take your office operations to new heights. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless end-to-end experience, helping you thrive in the appraisal industry.

Our Services

GoSource Office Management Solution include:

1] New Account/Client Set-up Support: We have been in this space for more than decades and have a relationship with 250+ AMC/Lenders where we get our appraisers set up to generate more business or any other clients that he wants to get him up and running.

2] Slack Set-up: We will set up your Slack account and create a channel for you. The Slack setup process ensures that all team members can easily communicate with each other to have a high level of transparency in communication.

3] Office/ VA Email Set-up: We set up office/VA email for smooth communication between internal staff appraisers and external clients. We are familiar with all kinds of AMC & Appraisers communication and accordingly respond to them in a quick manner, also focus on setting up quick communication channels as quick communication is key to successful business.

a] Bid/Quote Requests:
When we receive a quote/bid request from AMC, we follow predesigned standard instructions and fee schedules provided by the appraiser to win the bid or to provide the correct quote as per the complexity of the property and job type.

b] New Orders accept/decline:
We can accept or decline new orders depending on the appraiser’s schedule and the complexity of the assignment. Our team is super quick to respond in less than 15 minutes to gain more opportunities for you so you can increase your revenue.

c] Client Communications (Portal Updates):
We run a work analysis and keep a track of all orders separately in google sheets where they have all the details and track of the orders so they go one by one to check the details and accordingly communicate with the internal (Staff) or external (AMC, Lenders, Financial Institutions) clients and give them updates on a timely manner so we can avoid a clone messages traffic coming from all AMCs.

d] Revision Request:
We closely monitor revision requests coming from clients and make sure to review and communicate with the appraiser in less than an hour so we can deliver revised reports to the clients within 24 hours.

e] Accounting / Invoice Communication:
We manage and handle all invoice related questions/request from clients.

4] Inspection Scheduling: We do a Google search for each property to check their locations and distance from each other, also use tools where we put all the properties and map their locations and then set up appointments in a manner where you can start your first appointment in 30 minutes from your location and the next inspection will be close to your first inspection so you can maximize your inspections in a day. We always set a goal of one appraiser who can do 8-10 inspections in a day and max of max 15-20 inspections in a day if properties are super close to each other. Once the schedule is ready, we are connecting with the POCs to confirm your inspection appointment and update the AMC’s status.

a] Calendar Set-up:
This is an option that some of the appraisers would like to have their own schedule to be managed so we help them set up the calendar and they’re making the changes to it according to their schedule. We verify the transaction whether it is a purchase or refinance and accordingly, we add the POC contact information to the calendar so the appraiser can contact them with the help of the calendar without wasting any time.

5] Dashboard Updates (Order Tracking month/year wise): The dashboard updates will include the month-by-month tracking of orders and clients. We will keep your dashboard updated so you know what orders are coming in, who is working on them, and when they should be finished.

6] Anow Management: We’re also familiar with the Anow, Etrac, appraisal Dashboard and some other software that most of the appraisers have chosen to keep track of their work.

7] Internal QC Review: Once the appraisal report has been completed by the appraiser and uploaded to our digital server, VA sends it over to our QC team. They work with the AMC for more than a decade of years doing all manual QC reviews with 250+ checkpoints, where they run their quality control and find out if there is any condition or anything missed by the appraiser. Our team sends out revisions to the appraiser who makes changes and signs off on it before uploading it on our client portal.”

8] Shipping of Completed Report to the Client (AMC/Lender): Once the appraiser finalizes the report, he saves it into the digital server which our team has access to it. The team pulls it out and converts it into XML, ENV, or pdf format (As per client requirements) and uploads it to the client portal.

9] Internal & External Revisions: We also take care of the basic revisions that come in from the clients.

10] Appraiser Accounting Support: We manage all the orders in a customized Excel or Google spreadsheet and where we have all kinds of details and manage the due dates of the payments. Once the report is completed and accepted by the client, we look at the terms of the payments of each client and add due dates to the spreadsheet. If we don’t see the cheque or payment transfer to the appraiser, we follow up with the client, ask them for the payment, and make sure that our appraiser gets paid on time.

11] Profile Maintenance: We closely monitor clients’ licenses, E&O, and W9 requests from clients and make sure to update the online portals. We also maintain google docs with all document tracking so we can inform the appraiser in advance.

12] Appraisal Report Writing:

a] Start-Up:
Once the order is received, VA starts creating reports with the basic subject information that the appraiser needs at the inspection appointment. It covers the Assignment page, Subject information, Contract & Site section, Subject prior history, Arial & Plat maps, etc, according to the appraiser’s market conditions search guidelines VA is running the 1004MC and exporting it into the report and VA will give it to the appraiser in less than 1 hour so the appraiser can use the same report while in the field and insert the property photos and draw the sketch.

b] Write-Up:
The write-up is the biggest help to the appraisers when we finish 95% of the work so the appraiser can just review, finalize the value, and have a customized comment. The rest of everything will be managed by the assistant team for write-ups. It covers comps data verification, prior history review, Location Map, Photo labeling, Standard adjustments, Standard comments, Cost approach, Run E&O, and many more, and the team will give it to the appraiser in less than 2 hours.

c] Spark Run & Data Master Run:
We run the Spark and Data Master according to your needs. Where you can save more time than typing up all the data manually.

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General Faq

Welcome to our FAQs section, where we address common inquiries about our Appraiser Office Management Solutions, powered by our dedicated team of Ops Experts. If you have additional questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you.

1. What are Appraiser Office Management Solutions, and how do Ops Experts assist in this process?

A: Appraiser Office Management Solutions, powered by our Ops Experts, are a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the operations of appraisal offices. Ops Experts are highly skilled professionals who handle various tasks within your appraisal office, including workflow optimization, scheduling management, document handling, and reporting. They bring expertise and efficiency to your operations, allowing you to focus on your core appraisal work.

2. Can I customize the services provided by Ops Experts to meet my specific appraisal office needs?

A: Absolutely. Our services are highly customizable to align with your unique requirements. Ops Experts work closely with you to tailor their support, ensuring that it addresses your specific needs and challenges effectively.

3. How does Workflow Optimization by Ops Experts benefit my appraisal office?

A: Workflow Optimization, conducted by our Ops Experts, simplifies and streamlines your office's processes. They automate manual tasks, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure that appraisal assignments flow smoothly. This results in efficient operations and improved client communication through automated updates.

4. How does choosing GoSource for Appraiser Office Management Solutions benefit my appraisal office?

A: We prioritize compliance by continuously monitoring regulatory changes, maintaining detailed records, conducting process audits, offering training, and providing consulting services to address compliance challenges.

5. How can I get started with Ops Experts and your Appraiser Office Management Solutions?

A: To begin, simply contact us through our website, phone, or email. Our team will initiate the process by assessing your specific needs. Ops Experts will then work closely with you to tailor our solutions to seamlessly fit your appraisal office.

6. Where can I find additional resources to learn more about appraisal office management with Ops Experts?

A: Explore our blogs section, where you'll find materials, guides, and valuable insights into the world of appraisal office management powered by Ops Experts. These resources offer further knowledge, best practices, and expert information to empower your success in the appraisal business.

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